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September News

Blessings Yogis!

I hope that the summer has found you well and active. We have been blessed with a fairly good summer with little rain (although it was needed). If you haven't yet made it back to the studio for classes, we had some excellent outside classes that were offered daily. With the weather continuing to be nice for the foreseeable future, we would like to continue some of the classes outside even though we are approved to open for indoor classes at a reduced capacity. WE are able to comfortably fit 10 students in the studio and this allows everyone to have a 7' x 10' space. Masks must be worn in all common areas and on entry into the building. We have put all necessary guidelines in place that were recommended by the CDC to include the installation of an air purifier and MERV-13 filters for the furnace once heating season comes. Windows will be open to add additional ventilation into the studio for as long as we are able to have them open, so please dress accordingly. I have established a cleaning routine and checklist for all common surfaces, the bathroom, and carpeted areas using the products that are recommended. There is also an ample supply of hand sanitizer, paper towels, and tissues available as well as a supply of disposable masks in case they are needed for any reason. COVID self screening is in place, but we will be asking you to sign a release on your first visit back for indoor classes. Much of what the CDC and the NY Forward guidelines were things that I had already put in place with the exception of the ventilation systems. I am asking that every effort be made to book the class that you are planning on attending as the class is limited if it is held indoors. We are still able to have adequate spacing outside and can manage quite a few people. I know that this is difficult and trying for many of you who have always had a routine in the past, but I ask that you continue to support your small yoga studios and come back to live classes. Once the cooler weather is upon us, I may consider adding the virtual classes back to the schedule. There are many plans in the works for the studio at this point and I am in the process of adding a smaller studio and a classroom setting for workshops. We are also planning on having vendor events similar to the one we held over the summer and the one we are planning for October 24th. Other things of interest is a Paint, Stretch, & Sip that we are going to offer every other month, a Ladies High Tea that will include an educational workshop, a Kombucha Making Workshop, the Women's Circle will be restarting, and we are planning to offer some crafting workshops. Yoga Nidra and Restorative classes will be coming, Sound Bath event and Yin Yoga with Candlelight are also upcoming this fall. We have added a few classes to the schedule such as Qigong, Hooping, & Core Yoga and are hoping to bring in Chair yoga and TaiChi. John will be bringing in the Pilates Reformer in the fall for private appointments. Please stop by the studio and see what we have done, and what is in store for the future. Remember, we also have the retail area that has dried herbs, herbal tea blends, Broasters coffee, homemade jams/jellies, soaps and lotions, essential oils, yoga and tote bags, handmade jewelry, soy candles, sage and smudging supplies, rice bags, and much more. We will also be starting to carry a small line of metaphysical products. Schedule and appointment for a Reiki Healing session with me, a Cranial sacral therapy session with Trista, or a Tarot card reading with Naomi. Take a Belly Dance Class or join us for Fitness Hooping classes. 

I hope that everyone feels safe enough so get out and get some type of order back in your life, fully realizing that we never have that "normal" again, but knowing that we can set a "new normal" for ourselves.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ― Margaret Mead



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