May  brings us closer to summer so now it the perfect time to take care of yourself. Spring is all about rebirth, renewal, balance, new possibilities, and new beginnings. Take time to set aside for what you need and what you want. This is the time to shake those habits or ruts that you find you still are in and would like to let go of. Every other Sunday we will continue to offer a yoga class that is comprised of simple, gentle yoga movements for every level of yogi.

As we leave the month of April, we continue the practice of taking care of yourself.  Continuing our practice, ask yourself the questions and write in your journal. See what has changed over the last month and how you are feeling. What goals do you want to attain? Without love for yourself, you are unable to help others in the way that is satisfying. How do you love yourself? Look inside, what makes you smile? What makes your heart flutter? What gives you pleasure?  What are things you like about yourself? What makes you a strong and caring person? What are you good at? What is your best feature (write about it in a journal) Self love is a "hot topic" right now, so what steps can you take to discover you. Each day, find a question or a statement about yourself and write down your thoughts and response. Keep a journal of the tasks that you set for yourself. Here are a few ideas to get you started: Each day pick a new task to do and record.

  • Write yourself a love letter, put it in an envelope and seal it, put it in a safe place to be opened at a later date that you determine or when you feel a need for a little love

  • Set an achievable small goal for every day for the next 2 weeks

  • Write down 3 things you love about yourself

  • Make plans to do something fun in the next few weeks that you can look forward to doing

  • Forgive yourself for a regret that you've been hanging on to and let it go

  • Take a nice hot bath and add a bath bomb or bubble bath

  • Shut off all screens 20 minutes earlier than normal and take time to unwind and relax

  • Name 5 things that you are crazy good at

  • Name 3 accomplishments in your life and  why you are proud of yourself for achieving them

Journaling and self-reflection are a important aspect of self-discovery​

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NoMud~ NoLotus HolisticWellnessCenter and 

Yoga Studio

The studio is offering some different things for you to experience and it's not just yoga. We are setting up workshops and classes -  How to make a tincture, poultices, and compresses will be coming later in the spring. Our retail area has expanded on the herbs and products that we are carrying and expanding into the metaphysical realm and we now offer a variety of tarot cards, wiccan supplies, crystals, candles, spell boxes & jars, smoke blends, carved boxes, and much more. Stop in to see what we have and let us know what you would like to see in the future. Not close to the shop? Then we are in the process of adding all our products to the online store here.

The yoga studio is open for inside classes, There are a variety of ways to take a class with us. John DeMinico teaches Blue Dragon Qigong and is also taking new clients for the Pilates Reformer. Dana Crisano is back for every other Sunday classes with "Keep It Simple Sunday", Karissa Kendall brings us a variety of styles and offers strengthening, balance, an vinyasa classes. If you are looking for some core strengthening and energetic classes then take a Barre Fitness class from Michelle Yorton or restore and renew with her Thursday evening class.  Karen Crouse teaches our Friday afternoon Faith & Flow class. Jennifer Barthlomay and brings you Beginners and teaches to every body with care taken for those of us with some limitations on Saturday mornings at 11:00 am with Beginner Yoga For Every Body. Sandy teaches a variety of classes, focusing on modifications for every level yogi and those with limited mobility as well.

 The retail space is currently open for business as well as the Reiki sessions and 1-on-1 Natural Health Consultations.

We have created a Tea of the Month Club that includes 4 different tea blends that are hand-blended and a little gift each month with your box of tea. Teas are also custom blended for you -- come see me and we will find a combination of herbs and tea that fits your needs.

Shop in our online store for our herbal teas, single herbs, aromatherapy products, gift sets and more.

"The meaning of our self is not to be found in its separateness from God and others, but in the ceaseless realization of yoga, of union."




A place where you can come for holistic energy healing, herbal therapies and herbal tea blends, aromatherapy and essential oils, CBD products, yoga classes, and natural products that are locally made. Try our herbal tea blends, come sit and relax in our indoor seating area. Coming soon light therapy, parafin dips for the hands, and a meditation labyrinth. If we get enough snow, we'll offer snowshoeing and yoga with hot chocolate.

8388 Elmer Hill Road, Rome, NY 13440                                                            Cell Phone-315-723-9813


No Mud~No Lotus Holistic Wellness & Yoga Studio