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July Newsletter

As we come into July and find that recreational activities are still only occurring on a limited basis, we need to be even more aware of caring for ourselves. We need to make sure that our body systems stay strong and our immunity is boosted to ward off any of the illness and virus that may be lurking. Our minds need to be kept active, ensuring that we do not fall into a state of depression or emotional discord. Our bodies need to be kept strong by staying active and modifying our behaviors in these changing times. Finding ways to enhance your life, your spirit, your mind, and your body is now one of the most important tasks you can take on.

By keeping our yoga classes outside, we are not only offering an alternative to an enclosed space, but we are allowing our bodies to connect with the earth both physically and spiritually. Some of the new class offerings are designed with lifting the emotions and the spirit to a higher level. In addition to our regular yoga classes, we have Added Qigong, Laughter Yoga classes, slow vinyasa flow, and Hooping (Hula Hoop) which brings you in touch with your inner child, your emotions, your body, and your mind. In July, we will have 2 dates that Hooping Workshops are offered (15th, and 19th). You will be able to make your own hoop and that will be yours to keep. The cost of this class will be $25 to include the hoop. On July 23rd we are hosting a Ladies Night of Pampering and will have approximately 20 vendors, yoga, intro to belly dance, intro to hooping, and meditation. The event will be posted on the website and on Facebook and the cost is $25 for a ticket which will get you into the event, participation in classes offered by the studio, and experience the demonstrations offered by the vendors. Just a sampling of our vendors – Zensations Massage, Pampered Chef, Color Street Nails, Dip Divas & Traveling Winery, Seacret, Handmade Jewelry makers, Soap/Lotion makers, Tarot Card reader, crystal stone reader, Psychic, Reiki, Arbonne, Plexus, and more. The ticket price will also include an entry to the basket raffle drawing that will include something from each of the vendors.

The retail area also offers a variety of wellness in the form of herbs, herbal tea blends, aromatherapy, and cbd products. We believe that treating ailments and issues can be done with many natural products that are easily obtainable. Of course, we never recommend changing what your physician may have ordered or advise that you stop taking any medications. All-natural treatments and solutions are never an overnight, quick fix as many of these things take time to work. Our natural health consultations will help you find the way to healthy living without loading your system with toxins. Lifestyle changes are an important part of physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Another form of healing can be experienced with the healing energies such as Reiki, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Healing hands Touch Therapy. Energy Healing is a form of healing that manipulates, restores, or balances the flow of energy in the body. The energy is channeled through the practitioner to the client, helping remove energy deficiencies and blockages, which then activates the body’s own natural ability to heal itself. Crystals are sometimes used in the healing session.

So, what are we doing to keep you safe? What are our plans for the foreseeable future?

Classes are being held outside whenever possible. If there is extreme heat or storms, then we will hold the class inside. The studio has been blocked into 7’ x 10’ areas for practice. All bolsters have had special covers made for them so they can be removed after use and laundered, straps are cotton and are also laundered after each use. Sanitizing wipes and a peroxide solution are available for cleaning mats and props that are used. We have also made a peroxide and essential oil solution for our carpeted areas that is sprayed after each class and at the end of the day. Hard floors are mopped daily, and all hard, high traffic surfaces are wiped down daily. Mask use is optional during class but must be worn when in the building if unable to social distance.

Keep watch for upcoming events and classes/workshops. Some of our plans include a High Tea with an educational workshop. Kids Yoga for age 8 and up, chair yoga classes, reiki level 1 training, aromatherapy workshop on the basics of essential oils, herbal tea blending class, nutrition class, Kombucha making workshop, Puppy, or kitty yoga classes, Our Women’s Circle will be starting back up and we will also be starting a spirituality circle. More information on these will be coming soon as we work out the details.

Adding to the retail area has included Broasters Coffee, The Preacher’s Wife Soaps, we have jams by Lorna, Furtastic Peanut Butter Dog Treats, a variety of handmade jewelry, Quattro hair accessories, Plant Therapy essential oils, Herbs and Herbal Tea blends, CBD products, Smudging kits and supplies, Rice bags, Tapestries, Aromatherapy diffusers, local raw honey, local maple syrup and more. Coming soon will be homeopathic medicines by Boiron, a limited line of supplements, African woven baskets, and yoga props.

So, join us for a yoga class, check out our retail area, meditate, restore your body, mind, and spirit with us.

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