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Reopening Plan After COVID-19

What will we be doing to be able to reopen the studio and the shop safely? We must be able to protect our clients and students. As there is no actual plan in place yet for the phases of opening within New York State, I am only able to project at this point. I have taken a look at the space and the layout of the studio area in relation to the sitting area and the retail space and I am able to expand the studio area out to be able to accommodate 9 students and the instructor to keep the group size to 10 in anticipation of the requirements to be limited to groups of 10 with social distancing of 6 feet in place. I have measured out the studio and am looking at marking areas of 6 feet to account for the social distancing. We are working on a plan for sanitizing the common areas and the props. We are asking people to bring their own mats/props/towels/straps, if they are able. We will be washing all blankets, towels, and straps that are used daily. Surfaces will be sanitized regularly, wipes will be available for cleaning, hand sanitizer will be available and well as sanitizing hand soap for the bathrooms. Paper towels will also be supplied for the bathrooms. Class schedules will be adjusted to accommodate the smaller classes, so more offerings may be available in addition to the option of virtual classes for those who are hesitant or unable to attend physical classes. More details will follow as we get closer to the reopening.

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Looking forward to your reopening.

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